Как научиться говорить без акцента на иностранном языке

Media Advisories

They tell reporters and editors about upcoming events and story opportunities in a brief listing of journalism’s five W’s and one H — who, what, when, where, why, and how.

The format uses short items instead of long paragraphs. A typical one-page advisory might contain the following elements: a one-line headline, a brief paragraph outlining the story idea, the five W’s and one H, short paragraph with additional background information.

It’s also important to indicate how the reporter or editor can get more information or make arrangements to cover the event. A contact and telephone number should be part of the letterhead.

Fact Sheets

A fact sheet summarizes the basic facts about an event, an organization, a product, or a service. It is a resource document to help reporters check basic facts and convey accurate information.

Organizational fact sheets should explain the organization — its nature and objective, main business activity, size, revenues, products, and key executives.

Event fact sheets may include basic information about an upcoming event in terms of time, place, and special guests. A fact sheet on a community festival may mention the purpose of the event, participating organizations and sponsors, estimated size of the event, location, time of day, and when the event was first held.

Fact sheets are often included in press kits.


adjacent to примыкающий к ч.-л.
in attendance в присутствии
band оркестр
benefactor благотворитель
celebrity известная личность
check проверить
convey передать
cover an event осветить события
dedication посвящение
estimated предполагаемый
fact sheet краткая информация о событии, подборка данных, объективка
head-line заголовок
honor почетный
indicate указать
key executives руководство
letterhead «шапка» (на фирменном бланке), печатный фирменный бланк
located расположенный
location расположение
media advisory рассылаемая информация, носящая рекомендательный характер
offer a host of opportunities предоставить множество возможностей
outline набросать в общих чертах
plaque мемориальная доска
resource document информационный материал
revenues доходы
in terms of в смысле, с точки зрения
unveiling торжественное открытие
upcoming предстоящий


1) Find the English equivalents in the text. Use these expressions in sentences of your own

  1. краткий перечень
  2. цели организации
  3. включать в себя основную информацию
  4. суммировать
  5. упоминать о ч.-л.
  6. событие состоялось впервые
  7. организации и спонсоры, принимающие участие
  8. длинные абзацы
  9. дополнительная вспомогательная информация.

2) Find the words in the text which describe or mean the following

  1. A page of information about a person or event used as a handout to assist media personnel
  2. A meal eaten in the late morning, as a combination of breakfast and lunch
  3. someone who gives money for a good purpose
  4. happening soon
  5. to describe something in a general way, giving the main points but not the details —

3) Match the words. Use them in the sentences of your own

basic events
participating listing
brief facts
upcoming guests
special organizations

4) Translate the followings sentences into Russian

  1. The museum received $5 million from an unnamed benefactor.
  2. All this information can be conveyed in a simple diagram.
  3. The President outlined his peace plan for the Middle East.
  4. The fire started in the building adjacent to the library.
  5. They had a private wedding with only a few close friends in attendance.

5) Match the words which are close in their meaning

important short
opportunity protracted
long income
brief chance
revenue relevant

6) Complete the following sentences

convey; include; paragraphs; check; items; in terms of; upcoming

  1. Event fact sheets may_______basic information about an__________event_________time, place, and special guests.
  2. The format uses short_________instead of long_________.
  3. It is a resource document to help reporters_________basic facts and accurate information.

7) Insert prepositions where necessary (in; of)

  1. instead_________smth.
  2. mention_________smth.
  3. included _________purpose
  4. terms_________smth
  5. _________smth.

8) Answer the following questions

  1. What do media advisories tell reporters and editors about?
  2. What are journalism’s five W’s and one H?
  3. What sort of items are used?
  4. What might a typical one-page advisory contain?
  5. Should a contact and telephone number be part of the letter or the letterhead?

9) Write down the questions for these answers

  1. A fact sheet summarizes the basic facts about an event, an organization, a product, or a service.
  2. Organizational fact sheets should explain the organization.
  3. Fact sheets are often included in press kits.

10)  Analyse the sample of a media advisory,  describe all its parts. Is it made out along the guidelines given in sector «Media Advisories»?

This media advisory tells reporters what they need to know about an event so they can plan their daily assignments.


Monterey Sports Center Grand Opening
Saturday, May 30, 1992
Noon — 4:00 p.m.
Monterey Sports Center & Jacks Park
Franklin Street, Downtown Monterey
Cindy Railing


The Monterey Sports Center grand opening will offer a host of opportunities for the media, both for interviews and photographs. Following is a schedule that you may find helpful in covering this event. Full press kits and media assistance will be available at the event at Information Center, located adjacent to stage in Jacks Park.


10:00- 11:30 a.m Brunch to Honour Benefactors and Welcome Celebrities
(Tent located in Sports Center parking area)
Noon — 1:00 p.m. Roger Eddy Band (Sports Center Stage)
1:00- 1:50 p.m Original Substitutes (Jacks Park Stage)
1:50-2:00 p.m 7th   Infantry   Band   &   Parade   of   Stars
(Franklin Street)
2:00 — 2:30 p.m. Dedication Ceremonies
. (Sports Center Stage)
2:45 -4:15 p.m.00 p.m Unveiling of City Council Plaque
(Sports Center Entrance)
Joe Sharino Band (Jacks Park Stage)


  1. Mark Spitz/John Naber (Former Olympic champions)
  2. Matt Biondi/Scott Jaffe Rouse (’92 U.S. Olympic Swim Team)
  3. Karen Мое Thornton (Former Olympian)
  4. Bob Hughes/Pat Lovell (Former Olympians)
  5. Lee Allen (Former Olympian)
  6. Sherman White/Raymond Chester (Football)
  7. Ron Johnson/Anthony Toney (Football)

Monterey — Монтерей. Город на западе штата Калифорния