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Advertising Vocabulary

English Russian
Advertising agency Рекламное агентство Marketing services firm that assists companies in
planning advertisements
AIDA Attention, Interest, Desire, Action  —  the aim of all advertising
Benefit Advantage of a product or service
Billboard Signboard for advertising posters
Campaign Organized course or plan of action
Circulation Average number of copies of newspapers or magazines sold over a period of time
Classified ads Small advertisements in newspapers or magazines, divided into categories.
Commercial Advertisement on radio or TV
Coupon Part of a printed advertisement to be used to order goods or samples
Direct mail Advertisement sent by post to prospective customers
Double-page spread Advertisement printed across two pages in a newspaper or magazine
Eye-catcher Something that particularly attracts one’s attention
Features Special characteristics of a product
Generic advertising Advertising for a whole sector, such as tourism, rather than a specific product
Hoarding Wooden structure, or signboard,  used to carry advertisements
Hype Excessive or intensive publicity; exaggerated claims made in advertising.
Jingle Catchy tune, with a short simple rhyme, used to promote a product.
Key words Informative words chosen to indicate the content of a document
Launch To start an action in order to introduce something (e.g. a new product)
Mailshot Piece of advertising material sent to potential customers by post
Mass media The main means of mass communication (newspapers, TV & radio)
Plug Favourable publicity in the media for a commercial product (e.g. a book)
Poster Large sheet of paper used in advertising
Prime time Hours on radio & TV with the largest audience, usually the evening
Promote Use advertising and publicity to try to increase sales of a product
Roadside signs Large panels along roads and motorways used for outdoor advertising.
Slogan Phrase used to advertise a product, or to identify a company or organization.
Slot Specific time in a broadcasting schedule allotted for a commercial
Spam Unsolicited advertising sent through the internet as an email message
Spot Position of a commercial in a radio programme or TV schedule.
Target Objective; what is aimed at
U.S.P. Unique Selling Proposition; a declaration of what makes a product different
Write copy Write a text to be printed or spoken in an advertisement or a commercial.