Словарные уроки

Money is a liquid

Каждый раз, когда речь заходит о деньгах, мы начинаем вспоминать разнообразные слова и крылатые выражения. Есть такие слова и в английском языке. В ходе сегодняшнего урока мы сними и познакомимся

What are they talking about?

You are in the executive lounge at JFK airport in New York. You are waiting for your flight when you overhear these comments made by different people around you. What are they talking about?

  1. “Do you mind? I only have Euros, my dollars are all dried up.”
  2. “I wouldn’t if I were you. Investing in their stock at this moment is like pouring your money down the drain.”
  3. “Terrible really. They have only just started liquidating assets. I wonder how long they can stay afloat…”
  4. “Obviously, in a situation like that, anybody would find it difficult to keep their head above water, financially I mean…”
  5. “…can’t believe that NICTEL went under!” “Yup, sank like a rock after the Argentine crisis.”
  6. “…getting restless. You know, this wage freeze hasn’t been very popular.”
  7. “…until my paycheque arrives before I’m solvent again.”


Underline all the words or phrases above which are connected with LIQUID. Then match them to their meanings below.

  1. To waste money
  2. To have enough money to survive (2 examples)
  3. To be out of money
  4. To sell for cash, usually to pay off a debt
  5. To fail financially (2 examples)
  6. To fix at a particular level
  7. To have enough money to pay debts


All of the above expressions concerning money use the metaphor that money is a liquid.

Look at the following pairs of sentences. Complete the sentences using only one word. The word is the same for both sentences and is related in some way to liquid. When you are finished, check with a partner. Do you understand what the word means in each situation?

  1. The ship ________ after hitting the iceberg.Many internet businesses ________after only three years.
  2. With the high waves and rough water, I found it difficult to stay ________. Even with both parents working, many families only just manage to stay ________.
  3. When they woke up that morning they found that the lake had ________overnight.The government has ________ the price of water for the next two years.
  4. In the summer of 1973, the river ________ and many crops were lost.It looks like we’ll have to end our holiday early. Our funds have ________.
  5. The rescue workers’ next challenge was to restore the ________ of clean, fresh water.All of the companies in the group are obliged to disclose cash ________ information.
  6. After the police pulled the body from the river, they realised that the victim had died by ________. The situation was desperate, Harold was ________ in debts and couldn’t keep going much longer.


Answer the following questions. You only have one minute for each one.

  • Think of three reasons that a company might liquidate assets.
  • Think of three big businesses that have gone under or sunk in the last ten years.
  • Think of three times when you found it difficult to keep your head above water financially.
  • Think of three investments which would be pouring your money down the drain.
  • Think of three things which might be subject to a price freeze.