• Как учить английский самостоятельно

    PR Dependance on the Media

    The purpose of public relations is to inform, shape opinions and attitudes, and motivate. This can be accomplished only if people receive messages constantly and consistently. The media, in all their variety, are cost-effective channels of communication in an information…

  • PR-специалисты и журналисты Foreign Correspondent

    PR-People and Journalists

    Отношения между специалистами по связям с общественностью (PR-специалисты) и средствами массовой информации основаны на взаимном сотрудничестве, доверии и уважении. К сожалению, это не всегда так. Ниже мы опишем некоторые участки взаимного трения. PR-специалисты и журналисты Чрезмерно  назойливая реклама. Журналисты получают…

  • Hard Life of Journalists Как использовать фотографии на уроках английского

    Sloppy Reporting

    A last year survey found that 83 percent of the public relations directors thought that sloppiness on the part of reporters was the major reason for inaccurate stories.  Reporters were also faulted for not doing their research before writing a…

  • как рассказывать истории на английском

    Effective Media Relations

    A good working relationship with the media is vital for a public relations writer. There will always be areas of friction and disagreement between public relations people and journalists, but that doesn’t mean that there can’t be a solid working…

  • Способы запоминания английских слов

    Pitch Letters

    To do their job, reporters and editors need a continual supply of news tips and background materials. Your role in public relations is to come up with ideas and sell them. On another level, background information so that reporters understand…

  • Как научиться говорить без акцента на иностранном языке

    Media Advisories

    They tell reporters and editors about upcoming events and story opportunities in a brief listing of journalism’s five W’s and one H — who, what, when, where, why, and how. The format uses short items instead of long paragraphs. A…

  • PR-lessons

    Papers for the Press

    Position Papers A position paper is a statement of the organization’s stand on some public issue. An example might be the position of a public utility on nuclear power. Such a paper is an official document and is often prepared…

  • Три важных умения хорошего репетитора

    Meeting the Press

    Press interviews, news conferences, media tours, and other kinds of gatherings provide excellent opportunities to communicate your message to a variety of audiences. They are more personal than just sending written materials and allow reporters to get direct answers from…