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Иностранные слова в английском языке

Many phrases and expressions from foreign languages have found a place in everyday English among the better educated. Some of them have been adopted and have found their way into everyone’s vocabulary, while some remain foreign yet are used often enough to be worth listing here. A disproportionate number of the words are Latin and French. This should not be a surprise, considering the prominent roles that the French played in our history and literature and that the Romans, whose language was Latin, played in the history of Europe and Britain.


Многие фразы и выражения из иностранных языков нашли место в повседневном английском среди наиболее образованных людей. Некоторые из них были приняты и вошли в словарный запас каждого англичанина, в то время как другие остаются иностранными, но используются достаточно часто, чтобы их здесь стоило перечислять. Особенно большие количество заимствованных слов пришло в современный английский из латинского и французского языков. Это не должно вызывать удивления, принимая во внимание выдающуюся роль, которую французы играли в британской истории и литературе, а также ту роль, что римляне, говорившие и писавшие на латыни, сыграли в истории Европы и Британии.

Foreign Phrase Language Definition По-русски это будет
adeste fidelis Latin always faithful
à droite French on the right направо
affaire d’honneur French a matter of honor
à gauche French on the left налево
à la rigeur French strictly speaking; if absolutely needed
aloha oe Hawaiian greetings; love to you; farewell
alter ego Latin other self; constant companion
amicus curiae Latin friend of the court
amor vincit omnia Latin “Love conquers all.”—Virgil
anno regni Latin year in the reign of
à pied French on foot пешком
ars gratia artis Latin art for art’s sake
au contraire French to the contrary
autre chose French other thing
aux armes French to arms
avant garde French vanguard; on the cutting edge (esp. in the arts)
avec plaisir French with pleasure
à votre santé French to your taste
ben trovato Italian well conceived; ingenious
bien entendu French well understood; of course
bon appétit French good appetite; enjoy
bonjour French good day; hello
bonne chance French good luck удачи! (пожелание)
bonsoir French good evening добрый вечер!
buenas noches Spanish good night спокойной ночи!
buenos dias Spanish good day; hello привет! добрый день!
camino real Spanish royal road; high road
caveat emptor Latin Let the buyer beware!
cave canem Latin Beware of the dog!
c’est la guerre French That’s war!
c’est la vie French That’s life!
cherchez la femme French look for the woman
cogito, ergo sum! Lati “I think, therefore I am.”—Descartes
comédie noir French black comedy черная комедия
comme ci, comme ça French like this, like that; so, so
concordia discors Latin harmony in discord
coup de grace French deathblow
coup d’etat French lit. blow to the state; overthrow the state government
coup de maître French masterstroke
danke schön German thank you very much
danse macabre French dance of death
de facto Latin in fact
de gustibus non est disputandum Latin one can’t argue taste
Dei gratia Latin by the grace of God
de nouveau French new новый, молодой
Dominus vobiscum Latin may God be with you
en ami French in friendship
en bloc French all together
en clair French clear; not in code
enfant terribile French lit. terrible child; child whose behavior causes shock and dismay; mischievous or outrageous one
en garde French on guard
en suite French in succession
entre nous French between us только между нами
Erin go bragh Irish Ireland forever
ex more Latin customary
ex post facto Latin lit. what is done after; retroactive
femme de chambre French chambermaid
garçon French boy; waiter
gendarme French policeman
Gesellschaft German commercial company
Gotterdämmerung German twilight of the gods
gracias Spanish thank you
gravitas Latin solemnity
guten Tag German good day
habeas corpus Latin lit. to have a body
hasta la vista Spanish until next time; so long
haut monde French high society
homme du monde French lit. man of the world; sophisticate
id est (i.e.) Latin that is то есть
in perpetuum Latin forever
inshallah Arabic God willing
in utero Latin in the womb
in vino veritas Latin in wine there is truth Истина — в вине
j’accuse French “I accuse!”—Zola
jeu de mots French play on words
jeune fille French young girl
Kamerad German friend
laissez-faire French let be; leave alone; hands off
le chaim Hebrew to life
le monde French the world
l’etat, c’est moi French “I am the state!”—attrib. to Louis XIV
mano a mano Spanish hand in hand рука об руку
mea culpa Latin my fault моя вина!
merci beaucoup French thank you very much большое спасибо
mitzvah Hebrew blessing; commandment
n’est-ce pas? French Isn’t it so? не так ли?
nicht wahr? German Isn’t it so? не так ли?
nil desperandum Latin “never desperate”— Horace
noblesse oblige French the inferred obligation of high-ranking people to behave well toward others
nom de plume French pen name Псевдоним
non sequitur Latin a remark having no bearing on what was just said; an illogical conclusion from the facts
nouveau riche French newly rich, and hence unschooled in the appropriate behavior of the wealthy нувориш
omnia vincit amor Latin “Love conquers all!”—Virgil «любовь побеждает все» — Виргилий
on dit French lit. one says; it is said
o tempora! o mores! Latin “Oh times! Oh morals!”—Cicero, meaning “What a time we live in!” О времена! О нравы! (Цицерон)
par avion French by airplane; airmail
par exemple French for example например
Pax Britannica Latin peace imposed by Britain
Pax Romana Latin peace imposed by Rome
pax vobiscum Latin peace be with you
père French father
peu à peu French little by little
peu de chose French small thing; a trifle
peut être French perhaps
pièce de résistance French the main item
por favor Spanish please пожалуйста
pro bono Latin free; without compensation
pro bono publico Latin for the public good
pro forma Latin according to form
pro patria Latin for one’s country
quand même French just the same; regardless of consequences
¿qué pasa? Spanish What’s happening? Что происходит?
que sera, sera French what will be, will be Что будет, то буде
quid pro quo Latin one thing in return for another
qui va là? French Who goes there?
quod erat demonstrandum Latin which is (was) to be demonstrated
quo vadis? Latin Where are you going? Камо грядеши? (Куда идем?)
raison d’être French reason for being
répondez s’il vous plâit French (usu. R.S.V.P.) answer please
salaam Arabic peace (used as general greeting)
salle à manger French dinng room
salud Spanish to your health
sans doute French without doubt без сомнения
sans pareil French without equal ничего подобного
sante French good health
se habla español Spanish Spanish is spoken here.
shalom Hebrew peace, well-being (used as general greeting)
s’il vous plâit French please пожалуйста
status quo Latin existing condition статус-кво
terra firma Latin solid ground
terra incognito Latin unknown land; unknown ground
tête-à-tête French head-to-head наедине, без посторонних
toujours French always всегда
tour de force French lit. feat of strength; an exceptionally skillful production, performance, creation, etc.
tout de suite French at once; immediately
tout le monde French the whole world; everybod
tristesse French melancholy; sadness
Übermensch German superman Супермен
und so weiter (usw.) German and so on; etcetera
veni, vidi, vici Latin “I came; I saw; I conquered.”—Julius Caesar «Пришел, увдел, победил» — Юлий Цезарь
verbatim Latin word for word
vérité French truth; short for cinéma vérité; realism Истина
vice versa Latin the other way around; reversed наоборот
vive la différence French Long live the difference! [ between men and women] Да здравствуют различия!
vive la reine French Long live the queen! да здравствует королева!
vive le roi French Long live the king! да здравствует король!
Voila! French There it is! Вот так!